December Celebration


Four Christmas Carols

  • Call the Children
  • The Snow Child
  • Candles on the Tree
  • Run to the Window


  • Lisa Delan, soprano
  • Lester Lynch, baritone
  • Steven Bailey, piano
  • Dawn Harms, conductor
  • Volti Chorus
  • New Century Chamber Orchestra


December Celebration is a compilation of new works and arrangements by some of the greatest living American composers. The album features works by Mark Adamo, William Bolcom, John Corigliano, David Garner, Gordon Getty, Jake Heggie, and Luna Pearl Woolf. 

“Getty’s pieces are neo-Elizabethan and melodically rich, traditional and reverent yet possessed of a subtle original stamp and occasional unexpected harmonic twists. “Candles on the Tree” is the best one: poignant and joyful, rattling off a list of yummy holiday foods, it’s an instant nostalgic classic. Getty has obviously poured his heart into these songs.”

Explore Pentatone's 2015 release and rediscover the holiday spirit presented by these legendary composers. 

Silent Night

Silent Night (arr. Gordon Getty Getty for mixed chorus and chamber orchestra); Volti Chorus