Joan and the Bells


Joan and the Bells
  • Cantata in three movements for soloists, SATB chorus, and orchestra
  • Piano reduction available
  • Libretto by the composer, based on the legend of Joan of Arc
  • Duration: 17 minutes

Roles: Joan (soprano), Cauchon (baritone), SATB chorus

Orchestration: piccolo, flutes, oboes, English horn, clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoons, contrabassoon, horns, trumpets, trombones, tuba, timpani, percussion, harp, celesta, strings

Joan and the Bells

Russian National Orchestra with Mikhail Pletnev, conductor; Lisa Delan, soprano; Konstantin Shushakov, baritone; Yurlov State Academic Choir


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“Gordon Getty's cantata Joan and the Bells is a distinctive and musically appealing version of the Joan of Arc story, beginning with her trial for heresy and witchcraft, and building to a startling climax as she faces death at the stake...The second section, and eight-minute monologue for Joan...displays thematic unity and a consistent melodiousness. [Joan and the Bells] is dramatically assured, structurally sound, and likeble without being obvious...eminently recommendable.”

Joshua Rosenblum
Opera News, 2003

“...a rising dramatic tension, a brilliant sonic resolution and a genuine emotional impact...Soprano Lisa Delan sings beautifully and with absorbing drama.”

Paul Shoemaker
Music Web International, July 2003