First Adventure


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First Adventure
  • For piano
  • Left-hand only version available
  • Duration: 1:30

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First Adventure

Artist: Conrad Tao
Composer: Gordon Getty


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Gordon Getty, the octogenarian composer/oil tycoon, writes witty and often lovely music that looks backward to the 19th century. You can do that when you’re an oil tycoon, thumb your nose at academia. Of course you also need talent to write music in the style of Schumann, Ravel and other masters whose inspirations shine in Getty’s work. Tao’s crisp precise playing brings out the music’s arch sweetness and makes a strong case for how good it is. I could see the components of the Homework Suite, music dating from Getty’s student days, entering the mainstream repertoire, as a curiosity and on its own merits.

Mary Kunz Goldman 
Buffalo News, 2013